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Well, shame on me for neglecting this journal. I have had a couple of years of ups and downs, mostly downs, but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I have been blessed with a new best friend... her name is Penny but she is worth a buck seventy-five, easy! One of the last of the good ones, I assure you. She is an Alaskan transplant ... full of grit and git-er-done and the funniest side of girly I have ever seen. She is my margarita pal now and forever.

Some of my down times included lay-ups in the hospital (Thank you, Evergreen Hospital, for your incredible staff and care!) and I had time to peruse the "Interwebs". Found a lot of wonderful, hilarious, unique things, amazing talent, under-famed artists, quirky pictures, blogs of unknowns who should be right at the top, etc etc etc. I solemnly promise to share them with you!

First off I want to share a website of a virtual friend - Stephen LeQuier. He is a photographer and PhotoShop master. He freely shares  tips, brushes and all things Photoshop and has a great site for the fun and weird as well. He goes by Trimoon.


Another great find for those of you who love spare hair -- a funny, full character poster on YouTube who is not your average reviewer - Liz from Malta:


If you love cartoon monsters, and who doesn't (YOU? well, close your eyes!) -- check out this artist and his website


One of the "benefits"  of being in the hospital is you quickly move up and master levels of Angry Birds in Space.  I am not sure if that is a WIN or FAIL

New parking space - Top of Printer w/heating pad underneath.  Who is spoiled?

Signing off  ~  Me and my Mao


I had a milestone birthday this week. Depressing, but I will get over it in a few days. Like everyone else who hits one of those birthdays, you wonder "Where the heck did my youth go?!". It is also one of those birthdays that make you wonder how many you have left. As a kid, teenager, or young adult, you never thought about NOT having another birthday. But as you advance in seasons and experience and deal with the grief of losing friends to the enemy death, you start to think "Will I HAVE another birthday?" - it becomes about your own mortality. And so, the same with me.

In all this reflection over the past few days, I have decided on several things for when I go:

  • My wake will include a turning disco ball and Donna Summer's recording of "I Will Survive".
  • My funeral will be catered by Jose Cuervo and his relatives Patron, Absolut, Jack Daniels and Glenlivet. That ought to put the FUN back into funeral.
  • I will be naked in my casket so that anyone who comes to pay their respects will get an eye-full and the shrieks of shock will add to the festive mood.
  • I am going to have the reading of my will at my funeral. That way my ex-husband will find out in front of all our our friends just how big of an a**hole I really thought he was when he learns the size of the b*tt plug I am leaving him.
  • I want the hearse to be decorated like they do cars at a wedding. I want tin cans and old shoes tied to the bumper, streamers from the antenna and "Just Died" written in white shoe polish on the back window. I want my friends to throw rice cakes as the hearst drives away.
  • And last but not least, you know that long procession of cars that tie up traffic on the way to the cemetery?  I want all my cars to have their hazard lights blinking and their windows rolled down and their stereo's volume turned up to 10 blasting out the BeeGee's Stayin' Alive.

Send me an email if you want an invite.


Too Much Life, Not Enough Time

My posts have been sparse but I hope to remedy that in 2010. It is one of my New Year's Resolutions. Most likely one that I will keep. The one for losing weight I wrote off on the 6th. No sense in deluding myself for the rest of the month or year, right?

I sat down and watched Julie and Julia with Meryl Streep and Amy Adamns. Two wonderful actresses and a marvelous story. I once played Julia Child in a skit in college although I do admit I sounded more like the chef on The Muppets than I did Miss Child. Still, I did some research before I played the part and she was a most fascinating and strong woman. Her husband not only adored her but gave her the encouragement to do all she wanted to do. He has played by Stanley Tucci in the movie - and I found him to be sexy and attractive in his portrayal of Paul Child. http://www.sonypictures.com/homevideo/julieandjulia/

I love the idea of this -- and am ever so thankful I no longer work in a hostile corporate office where people stab you in the back and then eat your carefully packed sandwich for lunch.

You see more here: http://www.thinkofthe.com/products/lunch_bag.php

For those of you wrote convinced I had my cat Toast taxidermied into a keyboard ornament - here is a pix of her in a more 'lifelike' pose:


Enough already! Your turn!

Some days ya just gotta wonder .....

Please visit my friend Stephane's website --- you will be amazed and amused!
He is a wonderful artist and captures the personalities of his creations
into these quirkly little forms. 

Kodak Moments

Long ago I enjoyed taking a lot of pictures -- I mostly worked with black and white ... had a few memorable captures that looked artistic and worthy of a coffee table book. But we all think that, don't we?

Used to be just professional photographers had cameras around their necks ... or your annoying dad when you were a teenager ... now everyone has a camera within their reach via their cellphone ...

I saw the lady across the street taking pictures of her crabgrass with her cell and emailing them to the lawn care company ... They sent her back a close up photo of the label of the treatment she should buy. Kinda neat.

But these days - when I see an extraordinary photo image, I can't enjoy it like I used to --- now the first thing I think is "Is it real or is it PhotoShop?" We have moved into the age of technical and digital perfection. Pleasing to the eye but rather soulless. The movie stars and supermodels who look perfect in print but in real life have zits and crinkles around the eyes just like the rest of us. Those who have legions of retouchers to remove 5 or 10 lbs, that area of stretchmarks by the belly button or the 4 pack that becomes miraculously a 6 pack.

It's nice to look good in pictures but real life is where we live. These thoughts were initiated by someone's question where I had my 'glamour shot' done. Didn't. It is just a friend taking a picture of me with her cell phone as we talked in the late afternoon at a cafe off 99. The lighting hides a lot of flaws. Just a fast snap with a cheap camera in a phone. PhotoShop on a dime. If only they used the same thing down at the DMV.

Please visit http://icanhascheezburger.com/



Buttered Toast


Toast is my assistant.

Her actual job title is Keyboard Ornament.

Otherwise known as my official live-in LOLcat.

Some days she even comes along to work with me.

I like dogs. But I am a cat person. They are self contained and self sustainable, much like myself. They are independent. Ditto. They do not require a lot of attention. Also ditto.

They have a quirky sense of humor. And disdain anyone who does not "get them". Mostly ditto, although 'disdain' is probably too strong a word for how I feel about people who don't 'get me' ... I lean more toward indifferent.


I had a fun time perusing the photos on this site (link below) yesterday -- hope you guffaw as much as I did. If you didn't, I am indifferent to your reactions.




Scenes from Seattle --

I have traveled extensively throughout the US - this is one of the most beautiful and interesting cities I have ever enjoyed.

Check out this link yourself to see some of the things I see every day ----




Today it Begins

This site is for adult consumption but in no way X-rated. There just is nothing here that will entertain kids.

This first post is about as serious as it gets - from now on you will find me to be a little on the crazy side, creative - and sarcastic -- I love quirky humor and the things that make you go "HUH???" --

This is where you may find interesting links, images, quotes, and random musings ... Check back from time to time - you may discover something you laugh at, cry at or raise your eyebrow or comment at ---

Just a little background first ---

My cat, my mao - is Toast. She was rescued from a duct-taped cardboard box tossed into a vacant lot under the hot Florida sun. How long she was there is unknown, but it was long enough to snuff the life out of 4 other kittens (probably siblings) that were packed into the box with her.

She was found by a 10 yr old boy who was riding his bicycle and when the box caught his eye, did what every normal 10 yr old boy would do--stop to check it out.

He brought the box home to his mother, a volunteer at the local animal shelter where I also volunteered. The vet counted the dead kittens and noted the condition of the barely alive kitten, and remarked "I think this one is toast, too." But under his care, she rallied and was able to go home in foster care to the lady whose son had found her.

Unfortunately, with the previous abuse, and the presence of her very large but curious dogs, poor Toast was a bundle of nerves. As luck would have it, Toast was brought back to the shelter the same day I was volunteering. I took one look and took her home to be mine. It seemed appropriate to rename her from Little Kitty to Toast - she is mixed siamese of buttered toast color - and her history just lent the authenticity of her name. After two nights of standing in the threshold of my bedroom, she realized the "Hounds of the Baskervilles" did not live in her new home, she relaxed and began the long process of healing from her horrid beginnings.

It is a year later and she still is frightened of noises and things that go bump in the night but since that is a trait shared by most of us, I count it as normal. She adores her sleeping spot which is a folded blanket over top of a heating pad on a shelf next to my bed. She is picky about her cat food and crunchies. She loves play mice, ribbons and pens she can bat to the floor off my desk.

We left Florida in October to take up residence in Seattle. She enjoys the weather here as much as I do.  She is still not welcoming of too much touching or holding but I am content that she is safe and seems happy.

As for me -- my beginnings were very similar but I have made it thus far in life and have wonderful and loyal friends and a sweet, loving family.

I invite your comments, sharing of humor and links -

And so it begins ......